Polyurethane Flex Hose for Internal Moulder Dust Extraction

Most urethane flex hoses available in North America encapsulate the wire reinforcement in the middle of the hose wall. This specialized European hose has a urethane layer extruded around the wire located on the outside of the hose wall. This produces a full internal hose wall, resulting in more flexible and wear-resistant material.

  • Clear polyester-based urethane
  • Minimum 10 foot lengths-shorter lengths available for additional cutting charge
  • 30% better wear life over industry standart polyurethane.
  • Wear life is 5-10 times longer than PVC, TPR or Neoprene
  • Optional heavy-duty quality and thickness for more abraision resistance.
Part # Medium Duty Hose Hose Diameter Price
FLEX HOSE-120 120mm (4-23/32")


FLEX HOSE-130 130mm (5-1/8")


FLEX HOSE-140 140mm (5-1/2")


FLEX HOSE-160 160mm (6-9/32")


FLEX HOSE-200 200mm (7-7/8") CALL
FLEX HOSE-250 250mm (9-27/32") CALL
FLEX HOSE-300 3000mm (11-13/16") CALL
Part # Heavy Duty Hose Hose Diameter Price
FLEX HOSE-120HD 120mm (4-23/32") CALL
FLEX HOSE-130HD 130mm (5-1/8") CALL
FLEX HOSE-140HD 140mm (5-1/2") CALL
FLEX HOSE-160HD 160mm (6-9/32") CALL
FLEX HOSE-200HD 200mm (7-7/8") CALL
FLEX HOSE-250HD 250mm (9-27/32") CALL
FLEX HOSE-300HD 3000mm (11-13/16") CALL
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