The Simple, Accurate, Versatile, and Economical Drilling Attachment that Cabinet Makers have been looking for:

• Mounted Plate Boring
• Line Boring
• Drawer Slide Boring

Designed to work with all hand drills, the GIZMO 32 is a multi-function tool which can easily and precisely drill cabinet sides for hardware placement and shelf pin hole. The lightweight GIZMO 32 gives you the freedom to drill a set of 5mm holes, 32mm apart in just one smooth and simple stroke.

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Part # Description Price
GIZMO 32 Boring Jig Drills 5 mm holes, 32mm apart. CALL
NEW! GIZMO 32-25 1/4" Model for Shelf Supports (can only be used for line boring 1/4" shelf supports) CALL
CMT-333 Universal Hinge Boring System - AVAILABLE

The Innovative CMT333 Hinge Boring System with 3 spindle-head system allows you to bore the holes for any brand of hinges, from Salice to Blum, from Hettich to Würth, from Mepla to Grass. The universal modular base supports the installation of 5 different boring heads engineered by the worldwide leadning company for industrial boring machines. Use the CMT333 universal Hinge Boring System on all hand or stationary drill presses.

  1. 5/16" shank suitable for any drilling machine
  2. Depth lock
  3. Ground chromium plated slide bars
  4. Plywood base
  5. Greasing point
  6. Double screws for drill clamping
  7. Slide bar for paneling setting
  8. 3/8" bores for panel setting bars
  9. Suitable for CMT™ Industrio Routing System

Technical Features and Specifications:—Complete anti-rust parts —Ground aluminum (Avional) —Max 5000 RPM —Six radial anitfriction bearings. For Lubrication use Mobile oil SHC100.

Click here for pricing & complete product information on CMT-333
Also announcing the CMT333-325 - a 32mm head with 5 spindles And boring heads for boring system. (See photo gallery) click here for pricing of the CMT 333-325.