Wood Tech Enterprises' Layout Kit provides an excellent opportunity to simplify template layouts. Reduce your layout time while increasing template accuracy.

Kit Includes:

  • Machined Angle Plate (12" by 10" by 6")
  • 12" Standard/Meteric Height Gage
  • 25 pc. standard Radius Gage Set
  • 12 pc. 6 1/4" Needle File Set
  • 6" Spring Dividers
  • 6â Precision Machinist Square
  • Hacksaw Frame and Blades
  • Carbide Tip Scribe
  • Center Punch
  • 3/4" Ball Pein Hammer
  • 8 oz. Dykem Blue
  • Angle Finder
  • 6 pc. Hand File Set #2 cut (with handles)
  • 240 Grit Polishing Stone
  • 240 Grit Abrasive Cloth
  • Safety Glasses

Individual items available separately.

Product Number


Price (Any Qty.)


Layout Kit (Complete)


PLK-01 Angle Plate CALL
PLK-02 25 piece Radius Gage Set CALL
PLK-03 6 Venier Calipers CALL
PLK-04 12 Height Gage CALL
PLK-05 12 pc needle File Set CALL
PLK-06 6 Spring Dividers CALL
PLK-07 6 Machinist Squares CALL
PLK-08 Hack Saw Frame CALL
PLK-09 10 Hack Saw Blades CALL
PLK-10 Carbide Tip Scribe CALL
PLK-11 Center Punch CALL
PLK-12 3/4 Ball Pein Hammer CALL
PLK-13 8 oz. Dykem Blue CALL
PLK-14 Angle Finder CALL
PLK-15N 6 pc. Hand File Set w/Handle CALL
PLK-16 24 grit Polishing Cloth CALL
PLK-17 240 grit Abrasive Cloth CALL
PLK-18 Safety Glasses CALL
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Mitutoyo 6" Dial Caliper
Model 505-717-50
• Slider displacements that are amplified by a rack-and-pinion mechanism
• Furnished in fitted case.
Product Specifications:
• Graduated in .001 of an inch
• .200" per revolution.
• Extra-rigid main beam

PLK-20 12 oz. Dykem Blue Aerosol CALL
PLK-22 Mitutoyo 6" Absolute Digimatic Calipers
Model 500-196-20
• Direct measurements from power on
• Zero-setting of the display is also possible at any slider position
• Special functions which allow it to always remember its measuring position even after the gage has been switched off
• Furnished in fitted case.
Product Specifications:
• Range 0 in [Min], 0 mm [Min], 6 in [Max], 150 mm [Max]
• Resolution (Length) 0.00050 in, 0.01000 mm
• Accuracy ±0.001 in
• Upper Jaw Length 1.570 in
• Lower Jaw Length 1.570 in
• Display Type Digital LCD .295 in
• Batt. Life 3.5 Years (20,000 hours)
• Measuring System Inch/Metric
• Measurement Type Inside, Outside, Step, Depth
• Mechanism Rack & Pinion
• Output Without SPC
• Type Plain Caliper

6" Economy Grade Electronic Digital Caliper
ISO 9001:2000
• Large and clear LCD readout
• 3 buttons, zero set at any position, in/mm conversion switch, power on/off.
• 4 Way Measurement:
outside, inside, depth, & step.
• Stainless steel
• Data output
• Includes 2 1.5V button batteries
• Furnished in fitted case.
Product Specifications:
• Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"
• Accuracy: ±0.03mm, ±0.001"


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