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Linear Digital Measuring Systems specifically designed for moulders cutterhead set up and other woodworking applications.
ProScale 150

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ProSet is a special ProScale ABS system designed for use on the top and outside heads of a moulder.  (ProScale Model 150 is recommended for all other moulder axes.)  Models are available for measurements up to 450mm (18 inches).

ProSet uses special software to display cutterhead radius and material outfeed dimensions.  ProSet thus reduces setup time after cutterheads have been ground or changed.

ProSet can be installed on any moulder, even if its already equipped with shaft encoders. ProSet can be used in conjunction with ProStand to further reduce setup time.

ProScale Model 150 is a general purpose measuring device designed for machinery retrofit.  Models are available for measurements up to 450mm (18 inches). 

An assortment of digital displays are offered to better suit individual applications.

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Part # Description Price
ProSet-10 ProSet-10" Range for Moulder with radius CALL
ProScale-150 ProScale ABS 10" Range LCD General Purpose CALL
Other Accessories:

ProStand is a non-contact video measuring stand.  It provides radial and axial measurements and inspection of the cutting edges and grind quality on cutterheads.

Optional items include ProTool software, a label printer for cutterhead identification, an articulated arm (for holding a laptop computer), and a custom designed mounting table.

ProTool is a cutting tool calibration and cataloging software package.  It provides tooling measurement and cataloging when used with our ProStand or a similar system.