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Introducing the AutoTemp 2000 - Template Making System

It's everything you need to cut perfect templates - all in one low cost package.

The AutoTEMP template making system makes the template making process quicker and easier than ever. With 2 different machines to pick from, the AutoTEMP CNC Router is the perfect machine for template making.

When combined with our AutoTEMP controller software, custom designed for template making, you have a system that will provide you with accurate, ready-to-grind templates, time after time. Now you can watch a video clip of the machine cutting a template!

***The video clip that is included was taken with the door of the machine open. Typically, the door is locked during machinery.

Watch the How-To-Video:

This system provides the following:
AutoTEMP CNC Router
8" x 12" & 11" x 13" work areas.
Custom Clamping system - eliminates template distortion
Automatic router switch - switches router on when cutting
High speed 24000 rpm spindle
Built in controllers with onboard memory

Requires Windows Media Player
684k - should work with any internet connection speed.

To view using a Macintosh, download the file to your desktop, open Windows Media Player, then go to FILE>OPEN and navigate to the location of the file on your desktop.

* AutoTEMP CNC Router
* TurboCAD
* All WM Profiles predrawn in CAD Scanner
* Windows 95/98 Control Software including full CAM program
* Full length, multi-size clamping system
* High Speed Router
* Automatic Router on/off


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