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WKW moulder cutterheads will fit the most common moulders manufactured. There are numerous sizes to choose from, and cutterheads are available in straight bore, open end or closed end sleeve, collet type, Hydro-Loc™, Quick-Loc™ and WSC series (Welded Sleeve Construction). Standard corrugated knife slots are 16-60 with 16-90 available upon request. WKW can also build custom cutterheads to exact specifications.

Wood Tech carries M-2 High Speed Steel, AKM Tool Steel, Karbo Krome D-2, Opti and the Bak-Pak Carbide Knife System. CLICK HERE!

Straight Bore Cutterheads Moulder cutterheads for all the most popular machines. Premium hardened steel bodies that are precision machined for true concentricity. Availabe in four bore sizes and various configureations. The WKW head combines the versatility of 2 cutting angles with the economy of purchasing only 1 head. Opposing pockets of 12° and 20° ensure you have the optimum cutting angle for both hardwoods and softwoods. Steel filler bars are available for balancing non-cutting pockets. Hydro-Loc™ Cutterheads Moulder cutterheads utilizing standard high pressure grease fittings. Manufactured from premium steel featuring a hardened sleeve. Two chamber sleeve construction for accuracy, uniformity, and optimum concentricity.
WKW Quick-Loc Head
WKW Axial Constant
Quick-Loc™ Cutterheads Moulder cutterheads that do NOT use a grease gun for retention to the spindle. An "allen" wrench is turned to activate hydraulic pressure sleeve to spindle.   Axial Constant cutterheads feature precision machined 10mm hubs and feature WKW's Hydro-Loc sleeves. Hubbed Cutterheads Hydraulically pressurized moulder cutterheads are manufactured from premium steel featuring hardened sleeves. Hubbed for use on profile grinders that feature axial constant set-up.
Call 1-800-TOOLING for pricing.
Call 1-800-TOOLING for pricing.
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