DISPOZ-A-BLADE’s Simple and Efficient Design


Over 75% of the steel in a conventionally sharpened" knife is of no other use but to support the cutting edge beyond the cutter head.  That means that every time a knife is resharpened, 75% of both the labor costs and the steel removed is actually waste!  DISPOZ-A-BLADE's innovative design separates the cutting part of the knife from the support part.  DISPOZ-A-BLADE's is a simple 2-part system consisting of a disposable double edge knife precisely matched to a reusable holder.  You make a one-time purchase of a set of steel holders to match your present flat or corrugated back knives.  Each precision holder has locking pins and magnets which securely and accurately match the holes in the DISPOZ-A-BLADE's knife.

Easy & accurate knife changes are a reality because
DISPOZ-A-BLADE's is always the same dimension from the cutting edge to the holder bottom.  Machines either factory equipped with knife support screws or retrofitted with ACU-SET screws need only to be adjusted once for proper knife protrusion.  All future knife changes are as easy as 1-2-3.  Consistent weight between knives assures balanced vibration free operation.

DISPOZ-A-BLADE's holder and double edge disposable knife is the dimensional equivalent of the knife you are using now in your machine's cutter head.  Various size and types of holders are available which attach to the same high quality DISPOZ-A-BLADE's knife insert.  This holder-knife combination instantly adapts to your machine without any modifications.

DISPOZ-A-BLADE's holder and knives are stocked for domestic and imported planers and jointers in all popular sizes to replace 1/8" (3mm) & 5/32" (4mm) thickness flat knives of lengths from 2.3" (60mm) through 36" (915mm).  For corrugated molder heads, holders & knives are supplied to replace 5/16" x 60º corrugated knives for lengths up to 12" (305mm).

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DISPOZ-A-BLADE's "Edge" Vantage

DISPOZ-A-BLADE's double edged, triple ground, laser honed knives come in High Speed Steel(HSS), suitable for most wood and special formulated Kobalt Steel, for more abrasive or exotic woods.  Since both fit the same holder the optimum knife can be used for the job at hand.  Both are manufactured to rigid German Industrial Standards (DIN and ISO 9002).  One the first cutting edge gets dull, just turn the knife over.  At the end of the second edge's long life simply install a fresh one on the holder· and never sharpen a knife again!

DISPOZ-A-BLADEs factory ground straight edges consistently produce top quality finishes without the variations due to imperfect sharpening.  If one knife in a conventional set gets chipped, the whole set must be replaced and re-sharpened.  With DISPOZ-A-BLADE's you simply replace a single edge.

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