PCD Tipped Diamond Cutting Woodworking Tools

TELCON offers PCD tipped routers and router bits for CNC machines (Z=1+1, Z=2+2 and Z=3), T-slots, joining cutters, hinge boring sets, as well as special make cutting tools for the increasing demand of PCD tools, for more efficient machining of wood and wood-like material specifications.

TELCON - ISRAEL manufactures a wide range of high-performing, precision engineered polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped tools to meet the most exacting demands of today's Woodworking Industries.

Telcon PCD Straight
(Flat) Routers Z=1+1
Telcon PCD Routers
Telcon PCD Spiral Routers
PCD Straight Edge Routers
Z=1+1, Z=2, Z=3
Telcon PCD T-Slot Cutters
Telcon PCD Hinge Boring Bits
Telcon PCD Dowell Drill Bits
Telcon PCD Through-Hole Bits
Telcon PCD Jointing Cutters