Haimer Balancing Machines
Tool Dynamic 2002

Perfect balance is child’s play.

Tool Dynamic 2002 is a modular balancing system made by Haimer, specially designed for toolholders and grinding wheels. It makes balancing a child’s play. It can be implemented fast, because of its easy handling. Its costs are low and it’s measuring accuracy can not be topped.

Take balancing from now on right into your own hands! - Why? Because Quality wins!

Why purchase a balancing machine?  **For How to Balance Tips, click here.

After adding a cutting tool even to a fine-balanced tool holder, it is possible that the tool holder is beyond the balancing quality grade recommended by the machine tool companies.

  • A way to inspect often costly "Balanced" holders or cutting tool assemblies coming from tooling manufacturers who have charged extra for balancing
  • Prevention of "Old" unbalanced tools from getting mixed up with new balanced tools, which might be dedicated to a specific High Speed machining center. It only takes one extremely unbalanced tool to damage a machine tool spindle
  • Without controlling the balance of each tool holder each time it is inserted into the machine tool, a reliable utilization in the machine tool can not be guaranteed
  • Eliminate the costs of machine tool spindle repairs
  • Avoid the down time of the machine tool while the spindle is repaired
  • Avoid vibration at the cutting edge = help eliminate chatter
  • Extend your high end cutting tool life by minimizing vibration
  • Possible extension and guarantee of machine warranty

Factors of unbalance in milling spindles:

  • Unbalance of spindle itself
  • Unbalance caused by run-out error of spindle bearing (axis of symmetry [not = to] axis of   rotation)
  • Run-out error of parts mounted on the spindle (i.e. coolant supply, clamping system
  • Movable parts in spindle (i.e. Bellville washers of clamping system)
  • Run-out error of tool holder in spindle
  • Unbalance of tool holder itself
  • Run-out error of pull stud
  • Run-out error of tool
  • Unbalance of parts mounted to the tool holder (i.e. clamping nut)

Result: Let’s remove the unbalance of the tool holder from this equation!

The advantages:

Easy, fast and economic – the perfect balancing system for toolholders, grinding wheels and rotors

  • 3 versions offering a perfect solution for every need
  • Flexible due to modular construction
  • Balancing in 1 and 2 planes
  • High precision unique adapter system with automatic clamping (like in the milling machine)
  • Excellent relation between price and efficiency
  • Easiest handling by PC with Windows menu guidance
  • Unbalance correction by drilling, milling, balancing rings and weights
  • Storage of tool data for 5 000 tools
  • Clear indication, if balancing tolerance has been reached
  • Optical indexing aid: actual position of unbalance always visible on screen
  • Optical laser marking of unbalance directly on the tool
  • Input of balancing tolerance in balancing quality grades (G or Q)
  • Force-measuring vertical balancing machine (hard bearing)
  • Permanent calibration: One single durable calibration for all tools
  • Highest measuring and repeating accuracy
  • Menu guidance in various languages
  • Easy service due to modular construction
  • Index-measuring or with spindle-compensation
  • Calibration function for testing equipment control according to ISO 9000 ff
  • Error diagnosis
  • Density function for materials of different specific weight
  • Balancing of grinding wheels
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